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You can call Promptly Apps from Discord using the Discord Slash Commands feature. Follow the steps below to set up a Discord Slash Command to call an Promptly App.

Discord Integration

Create a Discord Application

To create a Discord bot, visit and click the “New Application” button. You’ll be prompted to give your app a name. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be taken to the app configuration page. Fill other fields like description and app icon as needed.

Install the Discord Bot


Your Promptly app needs to be publicly reachable for Discord to be able to call it. If you are running Promptly locally, you can use a tool like ngrok to make your app publicly reachable. Or you can use Promptly, which is a hosted version of Promptly.

To add the Discord Bot to the server you can generate a URL by visiting the URL Generator section under OAuth2. When generating an installation URL make sure that you select the bot scope to ensure that the Discord bot has the required permissions to respond to slash commands.

Make sure you select Send Messages & Use Slash Commands permission under Bot Permissions section.

Copy the generated URL, visit the URL in your browser and select the server you want to add the bot to. You’ll be prompted to authorize the bot to be installed in your server. Click Authorize to install the bot in your server. Once done, you’ll be taken back to the app configuration page where you can see the bot added to your server.

Connect the Discord Bot to Promptly App

Navigate to Integrations -> Discord in the Promptly App and click on the Add Discord Bot button. You’ll be prompted to enter the Discord Bot Token. To get the token, navigate to the Bot section under the Settings menu in the Discord Developer Portal. Copy the token and paste it in the Promptly App. Click Save to save the Discord Bot Token.