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Promptly allows you to build sophisticated AI experiences by chaining processors together and optionally connecting with your data. Apps come in the form of agents, workflows or chatbots that can be deployed on the web, integrated into existing products using API or triggered from other platforms like Slack, Discord etc.

Some examples of apps that can be built using Promptly:

  • An AI SDR (Sales Development Representatives) agent that can generate personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, cold calls, etc., for your sales team
  • A RPA automation that can automate your business processes by generating emails, filling forms, etc.,
  • A chatbot that can answer questions based on your company's knowledge base, or help you find relevant documents.
  • Text summarization app that can summarize a long text into a few sentences.
  • Search augmentation that can generate answers that go together with your search results
  • Podcast generator that can generate a podcast from a text article or a blog post and read it out loud in a voice of your choice.
  • Marketing content generator that can generate marketing content including media for your product or service.