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Contributing to our Project

Thank you for your interest in contributing to LLMStack! We recognize the value of external contributions and want to make the process as smooth as possible. The following lays out the guidelines for contributing to the project.

Getting Started

To start contributing, follow these steps:

  1. Fork the repository on GitHub by clicking the Fork button.
  2. Clone the forked repo to your machine.
  3. Set a Git Remote for Upstream to keep track of changes.
  4. When you want to implement a feature or fix a bug, create a new branch from main.

Code Standards

  • Write clear and concise comments wherever necessary.
  • Ensure your code is efficient and performs optimally.
  • Use proper naming conventions for functions, variables, and classes.

Pull Requests

  1. Before you submit the Pull Request, make sure all the existing tests pass.
  2. Whnever possible, add new tests to cover your changes.
  3. Always create pull requests against "main"
  4. In the description field, provide a detailed explanation of what has been done, including the issue it resolves (if any).
  5. Once your pull request has been reviewed, address the feedback.

Bug Reports

Whenever you encounter a problem or something seems off, please open a new issue and try to provide a detailed description of the issue and reproduction steps. This will help us understand and address the problem more quickly.

Feature Requests

If there's a functionality you'd like to see, please open a new issue using the feature request template. This will help in understanding the requirement and discussing the scope of the feature. Before opening a new Issue for a feature request, please check if there's already an open issue for it. If there is, please add a comment to the existing issue instead of creating a new one.


Improvements to the documentation are always appreciated. This could be a new addition or a correction of current documentation.