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You can configure the LLMStack installation by editing the .llmstack/config file in the user's home directory. The config file is in TOML format. You can edit the file using any text editor. Following is the list of available configuration options:

KeyDescriptionDefault Value
secret_keySecret key for your installation. This is the key used for signing data. Make sure this is changedHardcoded random string.
cipher_key_saltSalt used to encrypt user keys and other sensitive datasalt
database_engineDatabase engine to use for the LLMStack installation.sqlite3
database_nameName of the database to use for the LLMStack installation../llmstack.sqlite
database_passwordPassword for the database user. This is used when setting up the initial db user and for connecting to the database later
llmstack_portPort on which the LLMStack web server will listen.3000
log_levelLog level for the LLMStack web server.ERROR
allowed_hostsComma separated list of allowed hosts for the LLMStack API server server. If you are running LLMStack on a non localhost domain, you need to add allowed hostslocalhost
site_urlURL of the LLMStack installation. This is used for generating links in emails and other places.http://localhost:{LLMSTACK_PORT}
csrf_trusted_originsComma separated list of trusted origins. If you are running LLMStack on a non localhost domain, you need to add the domain to this list.{LLMSTACK_PORT},http://localhost:{LLMSTACK_PORT}
default_vector_databaseDefault vector database to use for all apps.chroma
default_vector_database_pathDefault path for the vector database. This is used for storing the vector database.~/.llmstack/chromadb

Default Platform Keys

You can set default keys for providers like OpenAI, Cohere etc., for all apps from the .env file. These keys will be used for all apps unless overridden by individual users from their settings page. To run LLMs locally, you can also run LocalAI setup and use it from LLMStack by configuring the LocalAI endpoint and the key. Following is the list of available keys for configuration:

KeyDescriptionDefault Value
default_openai_api_keyDefault OpenAI API key ChatGPT, Image generation, whisper and other models from OpenAI.None
default_dreamstudio_api_keyDefault DreamStudio API key to use for all apps for Stability models.None
default_azure_openai_api_keyDefault Azure OpenAI API key if the user wants to Azure's OpenAI.None
default_cohere_api_keyDefault Cohere API key to use for all apps.None
default_forefront_api_keyDefault ForefrontAI API key to use for all apps.None
default_elevenlabs_api_keyDefault Eleven Labs API key for text to speech processor.None
default_anthropic_api_keyDefault Anthropic API key for models like Claude.None
default_localai_api_keyDefault LocalAI API to your installation .None
default_localai_base_urlDefault LocalAI base URL of the installation.None
default_aws_secret_access_keyDefault AWS Secret Access Key to use for all apps.None
default_aws_regionDefault AWS Default Region to use for all apps.None
default_aws_access_key_idDefault AWS Access Key ID to use for all apps.None
default_google_service_account_json_keyDefault Google Service Account JSON Key for Google's Vertex AI offering.None
default_google_custom_search_api_keyDefault Google Custom Search API Key for Google's Custom Search API.None
default_google_custom_search_cxDefault Google Custom Search CX for Google's Custom Search API.None